Mystery baby in the making!!!

It’s been a while and I had partially written this blog and never posted so this is a bit of an update as well as what I had previously written!  Well, as the title of this bog states, we didn’t find out the sex of Baby Zyer!!  The 20 week appointment went great, we have one healthy little bun in the oven and couldn’t be happier 🙂  I told the ultrasound tech that we weren’t quite sure if we wanted to find out and asked if she could write it on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope (which I of course provided.)  During the ultrasound she told us when she was trying to find the sex and we both looked away, as if we would be able to tell anyway.  I double-papered it to be sure we wouldn’t accidentally get a glimpse if the light hit the envelope right and she brought the envelope back sealed up for us!  Baby Daddy made me laugh so hard after the appointment…he said to me, “Babe, I accidentally looked at the screen when she was looking and I swear I saw a dick!”  I’m aware that he’s completely inappropriate but if you know us, that’s just what we are, anywho it made me laugh.  I told him he didn’t see anything and laughed at him.

Here is the envelope…over a week after the initial appointment, I am proud to say it is still sealed!!


I am totally the WORST person with surprises so it is a huge deal that I haven’t peaked!! UPDATE:  We are now at 22 weeks and I am pretty positive I want it to be a complete surprise 🙂  

Here’s mama after the appointment and some glamor shots of Baby Z


Now, on a side note…picking baby names is hard as SHIT!!  We are nailed down with our boy name, that was easy peasy lemon squeezy!! Girl names however….dumb.  Every single one of them…dumb.  We can’t agree on anything of course, if he loves it I hate it and if I love it, he hates it.  It’s weird because I really, really LIKE a lot of names, even LOVE some of them but even if I like or love them, for some reason I don’t want to name MY kid that name.  UGH!!  Is it supposed to be this hard?!  Part of me wants to purposely name her something awful, dress her in terrible clothes, and give her a mullet so she’ll never be looked at by a boy, if it is a girl.  Part of me wants her to be the most adorable, precious little princess that ever lived!!  Another part of me wants to somehow bribe God off to make sure it’s a boy 🙂

We are moving like CRAZY as time goes on.  Baby Daddy can positively feel little one moving around.  Sappy shit ahead:  it is seriously one of the most precious, incredible things I’ve ever experienced to have the father of my child put his hand on my belly and feel our kid moving around in my belly.  It’s insane!!!  He woke up the other morning (which he always does before me to get ready for work) but he hits snooze a few too many times and we cuddle for a little bit.  He said he put his hand on my belly and that it felt like “the baby knew he put his hand there and it was moving around right under his hand, pressing up against it and rolling around.”  Almost like the baby was saying “Hi Daddy!!  I’m in here, I know you’re out there!”  He likes to “party with the baby while Mama sleeps.”  UPDATE:  Now at 22 weeks, my little sister felt her niece/nephew move for the very first time!  Pretty cool stuff 🙂


Here’s the 22 week shot!


Apparently the 19 week mark is when my hormones decided to make me look like a freak again!  They had pretty much disappeared after about 9-10 weeks, when I had a few psychotic episodes, but they’re baaaack!!  Thankfully they’re not the crazy, angry, psycho ones that were here in those weeks, but unfortunately, they’re the emotional, weepy, embarrassing ones and they’re here in full force.  Mama’s hormones aren’t fucking around.  Pardon my French but holy moly!!  Sunday was Superbowl Sunday and I literally kept track of the number of times I cried.  From the pre-show until the end of the game I cried 6 times.  IT WAS THE SUPERBOWL PEOPLE, not an abused animal commercial marathon!! What is going on?  As I’m writing this blog, a commercial for wedding rings just came on t.v.  This commercial featured a real-life couple getting engaged, the dude said some really sweet crap, she cried, said yes, they hugged, the end.  I cried.  Loser.  It is the WEIRDEST (not to mention the most annoying) feeling to be crying for no reason and not be able to control it.  Aaah!  Someone tell me it’ll be over soon!!  I can’t take much more.

Here’s a picture of me the past few days 🙂


I also must be allergic to weight gain or something because I’ve been sneezing like craaazy since I got pregnant.  Like up to 9 times a day!  Which is great because sneezing is like my favorite thing ever, greatest feeling in the world…except when you’re pregnant.  Every time I feel one comin on I have to cross my legs and bend over. Why do I have to sneeze in such an awkward position, you might be asking yourself?  SO I DON’T PEE MY PANTS.  It doesn’t matter if I just went to the bathroom 5 minutes ago, if I sneeze…I pee.  Good ol’ puppy bladder.  Causing me more embarrassment and panic, and taking the joy right out of sneezing!  Curse you puppy bladder.  So I’m a crybaby who also needs a diaper.  GREAT!  Talk about pregnant girl problems.

Now for some exciting news – which is much more important than my complaining about being a blubbering crybaby, or peeing my pants, but I needed to get that out of my system.  So, we were watching tv last night and the baby was moving around so I put my hand on my belly and thought I felt it moving, from the outside!  So I of course freaked out and told Baby Daddy to put his hand there and he swore he felt it too!  We’re almost positive he felt his baby move for the first time last night 🙂  Today, however, I’ve been having some stomach spasms and I’m hoping I didn’t mistake that for movement.  Let’s not tell him that it may have been one or the other.  It was a pretty cool moment for us!  Rowdy baby was just partying!

And in other news, I still haven’t decided whether or not I want to find out the sex.  I now have approximately 24 hours to make up my indecisive mind.  Fat friggin chance!  Cross your fingers for me!

~ To find out or not to find out ~

Today is Superbowl Sunday.  YAY RAVENS!!  This means, I have exactly 3 days to decide whether or not I want to find out the sex of my baby.  Oh. My. God.  How in the world is 20 weeks sneaking up so quickly, and how am I going to make this decision by Wednesday??

When we found out I was pregnant I was 100% about finding out the sex, for many different reasons.  1.  We could plan the nursery.  Everyone keeps saying “just paint the nursery a neutral color then add in your actual colors after the baby gets here.”  Great idea people, because that’s what I’m going to want to do, FINISH DECORATING THE NURSERY, when I have a brand new baby to try to figure out how to raise!  2.  I’ve read that it helps Baby Daddy bond with baby before it gets here, helps him make more of a connection knowing what it actually is.  He’s already pretty dang excited and talks to my belly and loves this baby a lot, but another level of bonding before birth definitely couldn’t hurt, right?  3.  We could nail down a name.  We are set on a name for a little boy (Jack William) and have a few different choices that we are up in the air with for a girl.  4. I could stop calling it “it” and refer to he or she by said name.  5.  Friends and family could buy gender appropriate gifts for the shower, rather than greens and yellows.  I WANT PINK OR BLUE PEOPLE!  6.  I’ve never been good with surprises, the anticipation is too much for me.  I go insane.  7.  I wanted to be able to prepare myself for the 50% chance that we might have a girl.  (I know this sounds bad but I just really want a boy!  And if I do have a girl, I pray she never reads this blog.)  Have you ever SEEN a 12 year old girl in action?  They are like the Spawn of Satan.  I know…because I was one once.  And I don’t want to deal with ME, when my daughter gets to be that age.  My 4′ 1” mother was able to handle 4 kids, who were all bigger than her, very well, with little to no physical abuse 😉  I am afraid tho, that I absolutely did not inherit her patience and I don’t want to go to jail for “disciplining” my 12 year old daughter.  What?  I’d much rather let Baby Daddy deal with a 12 year old trouble-making boy than have to deal with a version of myself, which I’m sure will be 10X worse than I ever was!  TERRRRIFYING THOUGHT.  So, see, I really wanted to find out the sex when we first learned that we were pregnant.

Now, however, Baby Daddy has sort of talked me into possibly waiting until he or she is born to find out if it’s a he or she!  He’s been pretty decided about wanting it to be a surprise since the beginning.  He was a surprise for his parents so he wants ours to be a surprise as well.  The plan was for him to leave the room and let me find out the sex then he could come back in for the rest of the ultrasound.  However, I came to my senses and realized I am NOT one to hide my emotions and he would be able to tell by my face what we were having, as soon as he came back into the room.  And a friend of ours, who is an ultrasound tech, made a very great point last night.  She said a majority of parents want her to tell them the sex, but the few that don’t really just want to cherish the surprise that it really is.  When ya think about it, how many REAL surprises do people have in their lives these days?  The gender of our baby is a true, genuine, incredible surprise so, should we treat it as such?  One of the few, true surprises we have in life, and a part of me wants to ruin it!  So, now here we are, 3 days before the big 20 week ultrasound and I can’t make up my mind whether or not I want to know! UGHHHHH!!  Talk about pregnant lady fa-reaaak out!


Here’s the 19 week shot.  El Bumpo is becoming more and more prominent!!  I find myself rubbing this thing every time I walk, like even from the couch to the kitchen.  I also find myself understanding why my Dad always rubbed his pot belly when we were younger.  It’s just there, waiting for you to rub it!

Updates are sure to follow this coming week.  Hope everyone had a great Superbowl Sunday 🙂

WANTED: All the things I am not supposed to have during pregnancy!!!

Pregnancy is a wonderful, magical, sunshiney, rainbow & butterfly filled experience…the woman who first said this wasn’t lying, however, she was omitting how badly cravings sneak up on you.  And I’m not talking the regular ice-cream, pickles, & fruit cravings – no no no, I’m talking about the things you’re not supposed to have.  I am not a wine-o by any means, Baby Daddy and I just tried to get into it shortly before I got pregnant, so it’s not like I’ve been drinking it forever and am obsessed with it.  However, I WANT WIIIINE!!!  I just want that soury, fruity, sort-of stinky goodness in my mouth!  I don’t want to get wine wasted, I just want to have a glass with some pasta and bread.

Here’s Mama, close to 19 weeks turning into the Craving Monster!!

photo (4)

Another thing I desperately want (I’m talkin, craving these things at least once everyday, people) is a Bloody Mary.  Oddly enough, another thing I wasn’t extremely crazy about before I got pregnant.  I, like most people, would have a Bloody Mary the morning after I had one too many Vodka/Sodas, but I’ve never drank them on the reg.  Still, crave them everyday, I get a whiff of a Bloody Mary, when there isn’t even one around!!  I think I may have a problem.  If I could have one cheat day during my pregnancy to do whatever I want to do and eat/drink whatever I want, this is what my day would look like:

Wake up in the morning, go to the gym and sit in the sauna for 20 minutes!  HARD HARD HARD cardio and lifting for 45 – 60 min.  Leave gym, head to tanning salon.  Lay in tanning bed as long as I possibly can.  Come home, take a steaming hot, epsom salt bath.  Begin eating!!  Here is what my order looks like if I am allowed to order anything from anywhere I want…

“Could I please have…

– Bella Bella Benny Eggs Benedict (from Snooze restaurant)

– One  regular pancake (from Syrup restaurant)

– Spicy Tuna Roll, Manhattan Roll, and an order of Salmon Sashimi (from Sweet Ginger)

– Caesar Salad with extra croutons – the BEST croutons (from Papou’s Pizza)

– LARGE black coffee (from Einstein’s)

– Bloody Mary with extra olives (from Sam’s #3)

– Delicious glass of Nitrate Free Red Wine (Baby Daddy bought it, can’t remember the name or where he got it)

– Bottomless fruit Mimosa (from The Egg Shell) the only good thing about that restaurant

Syrup on the side please, cream for the coffee with Sugar in the Raw, and extra napkins!  Thank you for making my life complete, kind server.  I love you.”

Finish stuffing my face then go snowboarding!!  I was so excited to go this season and now Baby Daddy gets to go without me, lucky duck!

Finish snowboarding then go to Morton’s Steakhouse for dinner and order a Medium Rare Steak and some crab legs and a Lemon Drop (amaaazing drink a friend recommended I try and she nailed it!)  After stuffing my fat face, once again, come home, get a VERY long foot rub from Baby Daddy (candles, oil, music, the works.)  WARNING:  APPROACHING OVERSHARE after my amazing foot rub…have normal, great sex.  No weird positions so it’s not uncomfortable, no hurrying up so I can go to the bathroom before I pee all over the bed.  This great, normal sex, will be followed directly by me, sleeping completely FLAT on my BACK, all the way through the ENTIRE night without waking up with tingly legs, or having to pee even ONCE!!!

Hope you enjoyed my free day as much as I did 🙂

Tiny little human is MOVING!!!!

Milestone Alert!!!  I have been waiting and waiting and WAITING for my baby to move and it finally did 2 nights ago!!  Baby Daddy and I had just gotten home from dinner at Sweet Ginger (amazing Asian/Sushi restaurant in Cherry Creek) and were getting ready to watch a movie, that’s when I felt it!  I was sitting on the couch and I felt a kind of tapping sensation, sort of like “Yoo Hoo…I didn’t like the Drunken Noodles, don’t order those again!”  It was the coolest thing ever.  Baby was squirming around for about a minute or so.  Baby Daddy was excited too!  He wanted to feel it but I told him you can’t from the outside yet, so he put his head on my belly thinking maybe he could hear it!   Hopefully Baby Z gets my common sense 🙂  So at 8:45 p.m. on January 20, 2013 I felt my very first child, move for the very first time…ever!  That’s huge!  I’m the very first person to ever feel this tiny little human move.  I know it’s been moving around in there for a few weeks now but I can finally feel it, which makes this pregnancy feel so real!  Can’t wait til Baby Daddy is able to feel it too.  He’s so excited and I feel bad that he can’t partake in it more, so I’ll be sure to give him LOOOTS of diaper duty when Baby Z gets here 🙂  I’m so caring and selfless!

18 weeks

Here’s Mama just a day shy of 18 weeks!!

WHAT pregnancy glow?!?

If by “pregnancy glow” they mean ghostly white glow, then YES – I have it!!  I feel pasty white, like seriously whiter than I’ve ever been. Is this typical with pregnancy or am I just some kind of freak?!  My little sister asked to see my belly the other night and when I showed her, her words were, “Holy SHIT, you’re pasty!!”  Not, “Ah, you’re showing, how cute.  Look at that adorable little baby bump…”  Nothing kind and complimentary, just an insult!  I desperately need to color my hair as it’s a few different colors and all grown out and just a hot mess, but I am scared to color it because I don’t want to look pastier! Waaah 😦  I just want to be tan!  Is that so much to ask?  Can’t the pregnancy gods just send some harmless UV rays my way?  I feel skinnier and sexier when I’m tan, much skinnier and sexier than I feel as a chubby, pasty pregnant chica!!  Maybe it’s spray tan time.  There’s my vent for the day.

On a side note:  Sissy and I had an amaaazing jam sesh to Cher today in the car on our way out of town.  I always forget how much I LOVE If I Could Turn Back Time!  We both sound  uncannily similar to Cher when the music is up really loud and we’re both singing at the top of our lungs.  It’s crazy.  Temporary fix to my pasty pregnant girl problem 🙂

Holy CRAP there’s a baby in there!!!

So, last week Baby Daddy and I had an appointment on the 9th to hear our little one’s heartbeat for the first time. I was super excited to get to see baby on the ultrasound screen because I’m a paranoid psycho.  See, since I haven’t gained any weight and I’m not really showing yet, I keep thinking something is wrong.  One example of many; the other night I got some stomach pains around 6 p.m, thought I could go to the gym and walk it out and I’d be fine.  Got home, had dinner, still had pain, took a shower and went into the bedroom to get dressed and had to lie down because the pain was so excruciating.  I literally laid in the bed, in a ball for about 30 minutes before Sean came in and asked what was wrong.  I was crying, freaking out so he called the doctor.  He stayed up til 1 in the morning with me (I love his guts) and the next day I was still in pain.  Long story short, I called the nurse line and this wonderful gal told me that what I was experiencing wasn’t death like I thought, but in fact it was just some ligament pain.  Ya know, because your body stretches out to make room for the human inside your belly?  Completely normal thing that usually happens right around 16-17 weeks, but in my defense she did say that the pain can be crippling and put you to the floor.  I am such a baby and worry wort.  I almost went to the E.R!  Nice little bill that would have been for absolutely nothing.  The pain subsided 3 days later and now I feel so silly for being so freaked out and thinking the worst possible things.  Anywho, you can imagine my sadness at our appointment when she put us in an exam room with no ultrasound machine, then pulled out some little machine that looked like a walkee-talkee with a microphone attached and told me to lie back, meaning I don’t get to see baby.  Rarr, this mama wanted to SEE her baby!  I wanted to make sure with my own eyes that he or she was still in there and that everything was ok, but I had to suck it up and use my ears instead of my eyes.  It hadn’t quite hit me until today, the 14th, 5 whole days later, that there are TWO hearts beating inside my ONE body.  There is an actual human being, growing inside my belly!  I am cookin’ a babaaaay!!  Hearing the heartbeat was a pretty amazing thing, but it didn’t hit me that day, I just kinda thought “Neato!  Strong heartbeat, my little one is A-OK in there.”  Then, the next day it’s like I woke up with a belly that sprouted out of nowhere and now the whole pregnancy thing is real.  Of course, I’m 4 months along and I’ve been pregnant this whole time and I’ve known I’ve been pregnant this whole time (well, since 9 weeks) but it never felt like I was really pregnant!  I didn’t gain weight, I never got sick, I haven’t had any CRAZY, ridiculous, bizarre cravings, and I’ve only had like 2 psycho, hormonal episodes, which is like some sort of record for me 🙂  It’s insane that we’ve gone from freaking out that we’re having a baby to seeing our baby for the first time at 9 weeks, then seeing it again at 13 weeks, hearing the heartbeat at 16 weeks, to starting to show and only being 4 weeks away from finding out the sex!  Time is just flying.  I’m getting so excited to meet this little person 🙂  Don’t get me wrong, I am a little bit irritated with this little tiny human, giving me the toots and making my back hurt and KILLING my motivation to go to the gym, but I am beyond excited to meet him or her 🙂


Baby Zyer’s 1st photo!  9 weeks                                                   Mommy & Daddy with Baby’s first pic 🙂

                         photo (2)

13 week old Baby Z!  You’ve changed so much!                    Mommy & Daddy after 2nd ultrasound 🙂

Mama’s belly at 16 weeks!  Groooowing!

Shameful confessions of a pregnant lady….

I have a confession….


Just a picture of some food right?  WRONG!!  That’s what I had for breakfast today.  I ate all of it…JUST ME.  Here’s what happened:  I have to take a Hypothyroid pill (my body doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone for both myself and the baby I’m cookin) right when I wake up and can’t eat until 30 minutes after, so I took the pill and left the house to run a few errands.  I went to the college to get my schedule set for the coming semester and as I was leaving I realized I was starving.  I was planning on going home because I just bought some healthy groceries and had planned on having Greek yogurt with berries and orange juice and whole wheat toast with peanut butter!  But, as I was driving home it was like some crazy spirit that I just couldn’t fight took hold of my steering wheel and next thing I knew, I was in the drive thru at Arby’s.  So here I am, trying to decide what I want and I’m in a bit of a pickle, I can’t decide!!Do I want a half order of biscuits & gravy with some o.j. or do I want a breakfast biscuit sandwich with a hashbrown and coffee?  I tell the girl taking my order to hang on 3 times and am literally talking out loud to myself, trying to make this decision as if it’s the hardest decision I’ve ever made.  Time’s just’a tickin away and I feel pressured to panic order, which is something I do every time I go out to eat anywhere because I can never decide what I want.  I end up doing what any other normal, rational pregnant person would do…I order BOTH.  The baby wanted both, I had no choice!  I can’t explain to you how non-existent my self control is at this time in my life.  If something sounds good, I MUST EAT IT!  If I were to have only ordered one of the above choices like a sane human being, I would have found myself back in the drive thru to order whatever it was that i didn’t have the first time around.  I was actually, in a sense, being environmentally friendly by ordering both at the same time, rather than wasting gas to go back and order the other 🙂  Here is my order as the girl asks for about the 3rd time what I want: “Can I get half an order or biscuits & gravy and a bacon, egg, & cheese biscuit meal with hashbrowns and black coffee?”  I get to the window and she hands me the coffee, the single drink I ordered with two separate meals…it’s so obvious I ordered all that food for myself only.  I think she was judging me a little bit so I lied to her face, “it’s not all for me.”  Followed that one up with what was probably the cheesiest smile to ever cross my face, which she promptly followed up with a terribly fake, awkward laugh and a slight eye roll.  BITCH.  Don’t judge me, I am growing a human!!  I can’t help the fact that I can’t say no to any food that even remotely sounds tasty!  It’s out of my control.  Couldn’t say no to caffeine-ing up my fetus, the urge and craving just took over!  I did feel extremely guilty about this ugly little incident for the rest of the day.  I made it a point to go to the gym tonight and had a nice little workout, probably only burning 1/3 of the ridiculous amount of calories and fat consumed in my binge breakfast alone 😉  The point is I made it to the gym!


After I finished at the gym I decided to treat myself again (because my breakfast wasn’t enough indulgence for one day.)  Good God Sammy, get a grip!!  Anywho, I had the greatest night any pregnant girl has ever had!  Here is the list of ingredients for the greatest night ever for anybody who is or ever will be pregnant:

-Epsom Salt

-Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath (Eucalyptus & Spearmint)

-Que Bella Purifying Tea Tree & Witch Hazel mud mask

-The Happiness Project (or any good book)

-Iced lemon water

Put the mask on, make your bath up, and get in carefully so you don’t get your hands wet!  Read your book while letting your mask work on your face, drink your water, and relaaaax.  When your Baby Daddy comes in, because he always just HAS to pee when you’re in the bath, and laughs at you because you look ridiculous, don’t laugh back or you’ll crack your mask!  Breathe out all the negative from your day (like extreme guilt from eating like a dickhead) and breathe in positive, refreshing energy!  Heck, do it if you’re not pregnant.  All ladies can benefit from a good bubble bath 🙂

-tiny little puppy bladder-

Ya know when you get a new puppy?  You bring it home and it’s the greatest thing ever, it’s so cute and you’re so excited to train it and turn it into the greatest dog THAT EVER LIVED!  It’s got puppy breath and it eats EVERYTHING with it’s razor sharp puppy teeth that will make you bleed but it’s still the sweetest thing ever….until you go to bed.  As soon as you turn the light off and lay your head down what does the puppy do?  It starts whining, because it needs to pee….probably about every 30 minutes to an hour, for the REST of the night.  This wonderful little puppy that you just love so much can’t hold it’s pee for longer than an hour and you’re responsible for taking it outside to do it’s business.  Well, that’s me…I’M THE PUPPY with the tiny little bladder!  I also eat everything and am super adorable 😉  But seriously, I literally can’t go more than an hour, maaaaybe an hour & a half without having to pee.  And I mean HAVING to pee, like I truly I can’t hold it anymore (and believe me, I try….I try to sleep through it thinking I can trick my body, and my body I may be able to trick but NOT the body INSIDE of my body!)  I didn’t realize that being pregnant also makes you exceptionally thirsty, which, as you can imagine doesn’t do much to help me with my problem.  I try to ration my liquids, take small drinks, yet always find myself chugging water like a 300 lb. man who just finished his first triathlon.  And for some reason sitting down has been heavenly lately, and when I sit down I want to stay sitting down damn it!  Unfortunately, I think this small human growing inside me picks up on when I sit or lay down and is like “Ooooh, she stopped moving, she probably juuust got nice and comfy….I’m going to sit directly on her bladder so she has to get up and go to the bathroom!  Actually maybe I’ll bounce on it, or just kick it, so many options I can’t decide!”  Thankfully I got some amazing new slippers from Baby Daddy for Christmas so I can at least keep my tootsies warm on the cold floor while walking to the bathroom, over and over and over when I would much rather be sleeping!  I’m only 4 months along and I am waking up at LEAST 3 times a night to drain my tiny puppy bladder.  A friend’s sister just told me the other day at the end of her pregnancy she was waking up at least 8 times per night…yay!  Can’t wait!  This is the complaining I promised, I have no filter and am unable to contain it…lucky you 🙂  I am happy and very lucky to say the peeing is really the worst part of my pregnancy so far.  I never got morning sickness, SOOOOO thankful.  My prenatals make me sick if I take them on an empty stomach but that’s it.  I still haven’t gained any weight, and I’ve always had shitty skin so I haven’t yet blamed baby for that, maybe a few tiny little mood swings and hormonal freak outs but hey, it’s to be expected, right?  (I have a pass for 9 months)  I was definitely tired during my first trimester, fall asleep at the dinner table tired, but I feel pretty energized now.  Overall my pregnancy has been a breeze so I shouldn’t complain too much.  Growing a human being is a pretty huge deal so if peeing a lot is the worst of it, I’m pretty dang lucky!  However, I do still have 5 months to go so hopefully I don’t jinx myself.  We get to hear the heartbeat for the first time tomorrow!!  Update to follow!  And time’s up…puppy bladder needs some relief!  Sometimes I secretly hope it’s a puppy.  What?  Sweet dreams.

The Lucky Man with the Navy Seal Sperm

Introducing the Baby Daddy…Sean 🙂 We’ve been dating for a year and a few months now and I couldn’t be happier. Of course there are times that I’d truly love nothing more than to cover him in peanut butter and raw meat and unleash a pack of hungry Rottweilers, but I really can’t imagine my life without him. He’s one of the funniest people I know, I am constantly laughing with him. He’s boyishly handsome and I always find myself staring at him with a big grin on my face. He’s also very sweet in his own right, not the most romantic or the most chivalrous lad that ever lived, but he’s perfect for me. He doesn’t put up with my shit (which actually REALLY sucks for me, but it’s exactly what I need) but he knows just how to be there for me when I need it. He’s a very motivated and driven individual and he motivates me to strive to be better and keep trying with whatever it is I have on my plate at the time and his tough love makes me want to be better. Anywho, enough of the sappy stuff, Sean and I just found out a few months ago that we are havin’ a babay!! We are over the moon excited now, however, when we first found out, oh my PANIC, SHOCK, and TERROR!! I was using the Implanon birth control implant from January to August but it was making me bleed constantly….like, seriously, for 8 months. Ridiculous! I finally got fed up with buying tampons by the truckload and got the Implanon removed. We’re both adults, Sean at 28 and myself at 24, so it’s not like we had no idea what might have happened seeings as I wasn’t on birth control and no, we weren’t using condoms (tsk tsk tsk.) We also weren’t actively thinking about the consequences. This is where the Navy Seal Sperm come in, they were like skilled assassins, on a mission to infiltrate my precious eggs…and infiltrate they did! I was suspicious of a possible bun in the oven when my boobs got GIGANTIC and so so so sore, sort of like when you’re going to start your period, except ten times worse and I never got my period. We took 2 at home tests first then went to the doctor and had the news confirmed. Had our first ultrasound at 9 weeks as we weren’t sure exactly how far along we were. Freaked out every single day for probably about a month, fought a lot, then had a bit of an epiphany and realized we have been hugely blessed with this baby and have been happy and excited since! So fast forward a bit and here we are at 15 weeks, exactly 4 months on Wednesday and thanks to both irresponsibility and Navy Seal Sperm, we are happily expecting 🙂 It’s not always the perfect story you see in the movies where some happily married, super successful couple first plans and budgets to have a baby then gets pregnant and it’s all rainbows and butterflies from that moment forward. Sometimes it doesn’t happen the way you expect it to and sometimes it happens when you think you are least prepared and not ready at all, but if you have a little faith, remember that everything happens for a reason, and become a team instead of 2 freaked out people, things seem to fall into place 🙂

This is us on New Years Eve. A few days shy of 15 weeks pregnant!